Our Team

Nameless Woman includes, new stories by (among others)

  • Olive Machado
  • Venus Selenite
  • Carla Aparicio
  • Emmy Morgan
  • D.M. Rice
  • Lukas Serena Bhandar

The Editors

Elly Peña is a multi-disciplinary creatrix from Texas, residing in Chicago. They are an avid knitter, crocheter, and fiber artist. Her goal is to create platforms and communities of trans women valuing each others work and lives, creating freely and lovingly.

Jamie Berrout is a Mexican trans woman from the South Texas border. She lives in Anaheim, CA and blogs at desdiremar.tumblr.com. Her first novel is Otros valles and her forthcoming book of stories and essays is titled Portland Diary. Her books are available to trans women at no cost.

Venus Selenite is a poet, writer, performance artist, social critic, editor, educator, and technologist based in Washington, D.C. The author of a poetry collection, trigger, she is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she began her career on the youth slam and spoken word circuits.

Risques et défis

Because we successfully published a shorter, digital-only version of this anthology on March 2016 and because we’ve already done the work of gathering new submissions, the risks and challenges for this project are fairy low. Among our editors we have experience with self-publishing our own work in print, so even though we may face some unexpected challenges in the publishing stages to come, we’re confident that we can manage them.