Malaysian Transgender Women Under Threat

The lack of appropriate laws leads to the discrimination of Malaysian women who identify themselves as transgender people. Find out more about the situation

Malaysian land may seem to be heaven on Earth due to its beauty. Unfortunately, Malaysia turns into a complicated examination for transgender people. Local government should do something about it because discrimination and abuse will absorb the country very soon. Malaysian women who identify themselves as transgender people are arrested because they wear prohibited clothes. Moreover, they can’t find a job, get high-quality medical help, and study normally. Keep on reading about the problem and the ways of its solution.

Malaysian Women: Living in Fear

You won’t find the law that fully protects transgender women in Malaysia. Representatives of the Religious Department and Police regularly arrest them and do everything to humiliate these individuals. Malaysian women are afraid of being themselves – they can’t reach their professional goals or highlight individuality. Officers do awful things and subject them to physical violence. 

According to the latest research, Malaysian transgender women and men are really brave because they risk being abused and persecuted every time they leave their apartments. Other locals don’t understand and don’t want to accept their way of life, and it’s one of the biggest problems of modern times. Malaysian women can’t express their individuality, wear what they want, or manifest their female personality.

The majority of people in Malaysia are Muslims – the statistics data demonstrates that it’s around 60 %. Locals live according to Sharia rules and laws that forbid men to dress or act like women. Malaysian arrested transgender people are often sexually assaulted by officers who think that they are almighty. And it doesn’t matter if they’re men or women – some Police representatives watch while others are humiliating prisoners. No one will help the person who strives to live a normal life and have the chance to express the identity because local laws and Islamic religion don’t accept the freedom to be yourself.

Many beautiful Malaysian women are obliged to visit lectures where speakers teach them how to be a man. The government decided to create such classes due to a large number of people who want to change their gender legally. Unfortunately, Malaysian women can’t do that because the Registration Departure doesn’t offer such a service and regularly refuses to accept applications from them. People can’t change their names or gender in their ID cards. That’s why many transgender locals have been arrested multiple times. Moreover, Malay girls are often left in prison for the period that ranges from several months to three years. And a male ward isn’t the best place for a transgender woman because she can’t escape abuse and humiliation.

Malaysian women feel pressure in many spheres. When it comes to education, healthcare, and local administrative offices, they rarely find help. Some doctors are even afraid to touch transgender people – it seems like they think it’s some kind of disease. And it’s only the tip of an iceberg. Trans girls lose their homes and jobs because of their gender identity. They can’t rely on Police officers or the government as society is blind to do something about it. Those writing complaints become victims of a sick system that isn’t regulated. 

Trans women in Malaysia suffer from sexual harassment, persecution, and humiliation. And even if they want to change their life for the best and avoid these horrible situations, it’s impossible. The government prohibited sex reassignment surgery, so it seems like transgender people are trapped.  

The country’s government needs to improve the laws urgently to protect transgender people. Locals who strive to express their identity can’t do that because they don’t feel safe in Malaysia. People don’t even have an opportunity to hide from Police officers who must protect them but not to act violently. Trans woman writers try to tell the world what stands behind the curtains of Malaysian regulations. They strive to contribute to the development of the new wave. It will wash away all the troubles of Malaysian women and men who desire to demonstrate their self-identity freely and be a part of the country’s society.