Co-editors Ellyn Peña, Jamie Berrout, and Venus Selenite have decided to open a submissions period to create an expanded print edition of "An Anthology of Fiction by Trans Women of Color" (2016). We plan to publish this print edition of the anthology through the Trans Women Writer's Collective during early spring 2017. We'll be using a crowdfunding campaign raise funds - through pre-sales of the book - to cover the costs of the first printing run and paying our writers, designer, and editors. Each contributor to the print anthology will be paid $100 for their work by January 1st, 2017; after those payments, all profits from sales of that initial print run of the anthology (about 250 copies) will go toward the Trans Women Writers Collective to support further printing of the anthology, the efforts of the editors and designer in promoting the anthology, and future projects by the Collective. All contributors to the anthology will be paid further, in the form of royalties , if the anthology is reprinted and additional copies are sold after the initial print run.


Submissions will be open from August 24th to October 12th, 2016. Please email your submissions and send your questions to 

We're interested in short stories (including traditional works of short fiction; excerpts of longer works of fiction such as novels; and experimental narrative writing at the margins of fiction) written by trans women of color and trans/nonbinary people who are affected by transmisogyny. In order to submit you must be a dmab (designated male at birth) person who is also a person of color.

  • Short stories or excerpts should be between 1,000 and 7,500 words, but that’s not a strict limit.
  • Flash/micro fiction (fiction about 100 - 1000 words) can be submitted - as longas the stories add up  within 1,000 and 7,500 words.
  • Please notify us of the extent of editing that you would like, including whether you want help in developing your story.
  • Please notify us if your story is incomplete - we might be able to give you more time to complete it.
  • Please submit your story as an attachment, with a short biography, and any necessary trigger warnings in the body of your email. You may also include a brief description of your story in the email - this is most relevant for incomplete stories or those in need of editing.

There is no theme for this anthology; you are free to submit any kind of story in any genre. The structure of your story may be as unconventional as you like, whether it be lyrical, poetic, experimental, or code-switching. Your characters are not required to be a person of color or trans, nor is your story required to explore race or transness, or the intersection of these identities. Please email us if you're interested in submitting a story and would like a free copy of the anthology ebook.

We understand that many people who are interested may be new to writing or only have partially completed work, and as such we are committed to working with writers to assist them in developing their stories. If your work is incomplete or unpolished, we will do what we can to help you edit it. We would also like to encourage submissions of work that has been self-published or posted to a personal blog, as long as it hasn’t been otherwise published in a magazine/journal/book before.