Subscribe to our Monthly Booklet Series

Each month we'll be working with (and paying) a different trans woman writer to create a booklet for us, and at the beginning of each month our subscribers will receive their printed booklet in the mail. One month you might get a collection of science fiction stories, the next some experimental poetry; we'll keep changing things up to make sure we're publishing and supporting a range of trans women writers.

The first issue in the series (Booklet #0) was Catherine Kim's Collected Stories, which shipped out to subscribers on May 1st 2018; a free digital version of her booklet was also released in mid-April. Subsequent releases include: Homeward Bound by Gillian Ybabez, Two Stories by Esdras Parra (trans. Jamie Berrout), and Can You Say My Name Again by Nadia Nova. Subscribe to the series here on Patreon.